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Fostering a pet through SWVAL

Fostering is a serious commitment. Before thinking about fostering, please consider the following.

By deciding to foster a pet through SWVAL, you agree to take a living thing into your home. The animal you take in may have been abused or neglected. It may be scared of men, of thunderstorms, or of cars and guns. It will certainly need veterinary care, and while our fosters aren’t responsible for the cost of that care, they are responsible for transportation to and from the veterinarian. Fosters are responsible for feeding, grooming, loving, and possibly rehabilitating an animal waiting for a home. It may also take longer than expected to find a home for the pets fostered.

So what are the benefits? Fosters open their homes to pets in need of love and companionship, even if it’s only for a little while. A foster gets to bridge the gap between a pet without a family and a family in need of a pet.

If you’re still interested, please download the foster application by clicking here.


There are lots of ways to be involved with SWVAL if you aren’t able to adopt, foster, or donate. Although we are not a brick and mortar facility, we still need a dedicated and passionate team of volunteers to keep us up and running! Email us at or fax inquiries to (844) 798-7377 if you are interested in becoming a board member or volunteer.

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